Camping in Luxembourg

Plenty to See and Inspire You

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a great place to take a camping holiday with its superb location allowing you to take in some breath-taking countryside, visit so many places of historical importance from the 2nd World War and also visit the cosmopolitan centre of Luxembourg City itself.

Luxembourg has so much to offer, bordered as it is by Germany, Belgium and France and it is also within driving distance of South Holland.

Luxembourg City with its modern architecture has plenty of great shopping, cafes and restaurants, whereas the towns and villages closer to the campsite are quaint and traditional. On the campsite there are plenty of facilities available to keep the whole family amused, however the surrounding area is superb for those looking for plenty to see and inspire you. From the famous battles of the 2nd World War in the Ardennes to the culture of Victor Hugo, who lived closeby. For the more lively, there is a themepark reasonably closeby and also the wine museum of the Moselle is well worth a visit.

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