Getting There

Getting There

Choosing your travel option.

To help you travel to resort we have put together a comprehensive list of suppliers to assist you. Whether you are looking to fly to resort or take a ferry crossing or the tunnel, we have companies to help you. If you need cross channel ferries, flights, airport transfers, car hire or overnight stops, please click below for more information:

Making your choice.

If you opt to drive you can choose between the ‘short sea’ crossings of the Kent coastal ports to Picardy in Northern France which are the shortest, quickest, cheapest and most convenient if you are travelling to sites in the east, South of France or Italy.

Alternatively, a longer sea crossing will take you to the parts of Normandy, Brittany or Northern Spain.

With the option of overnight sailings, longer crossings offer the opportunity to break your journey and possibly reduce your time on the road. There are also a selection of longer crossings across the North Sea to Holland, Belgium or Germany and from Ireland direct to France or via the UK.

With fly-drive you can choose between low cost flights (book early for the best deals), scheduled flights to a range of European destinations or charter flights with major tour operators and you can then arrange car hire for collection at your chosen destination.

You can also choose to travel overnight with your car to the South of France with French Motorail from Calais.

Tips for travellers.

  • With higher service frequences, short sea crossings offer greater flexibility to fit in with your individual holiday plans.
  • The journey time between Calais/Dieppe and Normandy and Brittany is significantly reduced to the A28 motorway.
  • You can avoid French tolls en route to Italy by travelling through Belgium and Germany with Ostend as an ideal entry port.
  • If you’re travelling to Brittany or the Vendee, Western Channel crossings are the most direct.
  • Fastcraft services are more likely to be affected by adverse weather conditions and this should be taken into account when planning your individual holiday.
  • Savings can be made by travelling during certain periods or on specific crossings.

And finally….

Please remember to allow enough journey time to your chosen port and to have valid passports for all party members. Always check and double check the ‘check-in’ time for your sailing or flights, usually passengers are kindly requested to check-in up to 60 minutes prior to their sailing, and usually up to 2-3 hours prior to a flights departure, with times varying between operators. Specific details are available from the relevant booking website.